Just a few more developed areas of my town, Asgard.


I wonder what he’s dreaming about..

I’ve been in the process of completing badges as of late.

I’m keen to get into visiting dream addresses -

I have legitimately been to zero so far :c

And rather than visit dream addresses of those i see screenshots posted of a million times over, i’d like to visit some i’ve not seen before.

If you’re up for a new visitor, please don’t hesitate to reblog this with your dream address or send me it via ask.

I will be posting screenshots along with codes as i venture through them so others are given the chance to enjoy them as much as i’m sure i will!


So there’s thunderstorms in Asgard as we speak.


Cute animal crossing dates with my boyfriend, Adam.

we’re adorable!


Started developing the rather undeveloped town of Asgard.

After a whole lot of convincing from the beau, i created a third character for extra paths and settled on letting them reside in a tent as a second campsite.

I probably run through this area about 3827529878 times each day.

Safe to say its my favourite.


I want this little critter in my town so freaking bad.

my girlfriend draws things too oh look very marshal such art wow
follow her so she’ll draw more AC things because she doesn’t listen to me

we’re going to organize a giveaway soon too. stay tuned for that.

look at dat squirrel strut. does it catch your eye? good! ‘cause thats why i drew it.

because i need to know — is anyone selling marshal? gf wants him. can offer millions or take a look at wishlists etc! :D

anyone can wear a fake smile for a while